WSWS Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

The Western Society of Weed Science is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds have an opportunity to interact professionally within the WSWS society. In the field of weed science, diverse backgrounds, minds and experiences are what makes us thrive. This diversity upholds our commitment to foster and encourage education, research, and management in weed science and represents the values we uphold as well as the work we do. Western Society of Weed Science is on a journey to live the values that have made us a welcoming and successful organization by cultivating a diverse and inclusive community. 

Policies for Implementing the WSWS D&I Mission Statement

The following three areas (WSWS Meeting, WSWS Operating Guide, and Student Member Opportunities) were identified by the D&I ad-hoc Committee as key areas that D&I efforts should target for the next few years. Following each key area listed below are details on how the D&I committee, with the help of society members and Board of Directors, will implement change for each area.

The WSWS strongly believes that each person brings something unique to the field of weed science in the form of ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, and personalities. We are committed to creating an  inclusive community and give every person equal access to opportunities within the society so that everyone is heard, understood, and welcomed.

Below are the key areas we will focus on with actions to help make our community more inclusive.

WSWS Annual Meeting

  • Continuously work with meeting attendees to collect input for diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure all members are represented at all levels in the society
  • The D&I ad-hoc Committee chair will be an active member of the General Program section of our annual meeting
  • Consider locations for our annual meeting that would contribute to the economic viability of both large and small cities and pick locations for pre-conference tours and activities that could also contribute to the economic viability of smaller communities
  • Work with our Site Selection Committee and members to formulate a Land Acknowledgement statement to properly recognize and respect Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards on any land on which WSWS members hold society business or carry out research

WSWS Operating Guide:

  • Encourage Nominations Committee to consider members with diverse backgrounds when suggesting the slate of nominations for leadership positions to the Board of Directors
  • Work with the Executive Committee and Constitution and Operating Procedures representative to develop diversity and inclusion information to present to incoming leadership teams
  • Encourage incoming presidents to consider diversity and inclusion when filling committee assignments
  • Augment existing material on our website and Operating Guide to have more inclusive language and vocabulary


Student Member Opportunities:

  • Recommend scholarship/funding opportunities to be allocated to underrepresented groups
  • Encourage students to participate in our annual Student Night Out event to enhance their student and member opportunities

WSWS D&I Survey

The following information is specific to WSWS members and not intended to be generalized to all weed scientists. This survey was distributed during the 2021 WSWS Annual Meeting.

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Previous Actions

  • 2019 – Appointment of the Diversity & Inclusion ad hoc Committee
  • 2020 – A draft WSWS Diversity & Inclusion Statement was made by the D&I ad hoc committee
  • 2021 – The WSWS Diversity & Inclusion Statement was officially adopted
  • 2021 – WSWS Annual Meeting – D&I Social Hour
  • 2021 – D&I Survey
  • 2022 – Review of the WSWS Operating Procedure for inclusive language
  • 2023 – Adoption of edits to the WSWS Operating Procedure for inclusive language 

D&I Committee Members

  • Chair – Elizabeth Mosqueda